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Wabi Whiffs

Peace of Mind On-The-Go Singles Poo Odor Eliminator


Wabi Whiffs Toilet Sprinkles are saving relationships and those just starting to BLOOM by being the best poo odor eliminator. 

Convenient, Discreet & Portable ON-THE-GO SINGLE USE Toilet Sprinkles eliminate poo & bathroom odors instantly when sprinkled in your beloved throne prior to your go! 

10 single use pre-dosed packets enclosed inside resealable master pouch


  1. Just Tear the Pouch
  2. Sprinkle contents into toilet bowl water
  3. Watch it FIZZ & then do your BIZ

 Resealable pouch contains 10 single use easy tear convenient on-the-go singles

  • Pre-dosed
  • Portable
  • No leaking
  • Discreet
  • Recyclable 

Fragrance: Lavender + Chamomile

Need more Zen? Then this is the fragrance for you. Think wind chimes singing on lavender and chamomile scented breezes transporting you to a relaxing anxiety free break from adulting.