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Wabi Whiffs

Hey Ginger! Sprinkle Shaker Poo Odor Eliminator


Carry these portable non leaking bottles with you or leave them out in the open since they are adorable & perfect for shared spaces.  

Just flick the cap, sprinkle into the toilet and take care of business.  You can never sprinkle too much.  So don't be stingy, be liberal. 

Your Badass will love you while your friends and family will thank you.

100 grams/ 30+ Poos

Dimension: 1.75" x 1.75" x 4"

Color disclaimer: While colors will vary from batch to batch, their commitment to your badass will never waiver

Fragrance: Mandarin & Ginger

Energizing mandarin and ginger with sultry notes of sandalwood create a peppery, citrus intoxication.