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Two Sisters

Fruit Loops Surprise Bubble Bath Bomb


This Kids Bubble Bath Bomb with a surprise inside will put a smile on the face of your  little one or use it yourself. Us adults like surprises also.

The fruit loop-scented bath bomb has a toy surprise hidden inside, which will be revealed as the bath bomb fizzes, bubbles, scents, and colors the bath water.

Examples of surprises that might be inside: 
Mini-figures, wind-up toys, sticky hands, stampers, mini puzzle games, bubbles, animals, dinosaurs, water guns, cars, and more.

All Two Sisters bubble bath bombs:

  • Are activated to maximum bubbly-ness by the tub faucet water pressure (drop them in as the tub fills to watch the magic happen!)
  • Can be used after the tub fills for a more traditional bath bomb experience
  • Leave the body relaxed and the skin super soft