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Wabi Whiffs

Bling 60ct Toilet Bombs


We all poo, some more than others & some more stinky but that doesn’t mean we can’t poo happy.

Wabi Whiffs means “Beautiful Whiffs” coming from the Japanese word Wabi to embrace beauty’s imperfections so you can poo happy & Love Your Badass Even When its Naughty.

Before you poo effervescing toilet bombs eliminate bathroom odors

Blend of natural essential oils  & plant extracts

Discreet, convenient & work instantly

Septic safe - safe to flush

Non-toxic bathroom odor solution

Great for offices, shared spaces & relationships!

Dimension: 3" x 3" x 2.75"

Uses: Up to 60 poos

Fragrance: Plumeria

An exotic bouquet of sensuous flowers for a sophisticated feminine floral fragrance.

Color disclaimer: While colors will vary from batch to batch, their commitment to your badass will never waiver

Directions: Be the boss of your No. 2 and avoid poo anxiety

1.) Drop 1-3 bombs (no judging) into the toilet prior to your poo. An effervescing fragrant film forms on the toilet water.

2.) Let it Rippp...

3.) Flush